Devils lettuce or miracle plant?

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“None but ourselves can free our minds”-Bob Marley

   What is Cannabis? Is it a plant? Is it a drug? The truth is it’s a very coveted resource, and you can say what you want, but this is natures gateway to an escape from reality. I have gotten into countless debates about why this “class A” drug is still illegal in so many states as well as other countries. There is no simple answer, but a big reason is the common misconceptions cannabis is labeled with. My personal favorite being that you cant be productive high, well those people have obviously never smoked Sativa in there life.

  Sativa has actually been proven to stimulate your brain as opposed to making it slumber. Now I am not blind to the fact it does kill brain cells, and if you smoke indica before work your productivity is sure to decrease. Let me circle around to a point that needs to be made, weed is legal in how many states? For those of you who do not know the answer is a jaw dropping nine. Why is this significant? We live in a country that constantly moves towards progress, right now that progress seems to be going in the direction of cannabis. 


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